Is Instagram really making you happy?

Do you ever find your self in a beautiful place, somewhere you've always dreamed of traveling too, your with your best friends and the weather is perfect but all of a sudden you reach down to your pocket grab your phone unlock it and with 3 quick moves and zero thought your on Instagram. You start watching, you don't know what your looking for, but your scrolling. You go story to story watching your friends dog, baby, workout, lunch and then a shot of your other friends skiing the fresh pow that landed on the west coast... you begin to feel as if your missing out. Here you are in your dream location but all of a sudden you are feeling left out. 

I want to talk about why I deleted Instagram off my phone. 

I began to automatically know the sequence to get on Instagram without even thinking and this freaked me out. I realized I was probably spending over 30 minutes a day on Instagram and I was not even as bad as many of my friends. I would like to point out if your on Instagram and you love it and have no issue, keep using it I don't have a problem with the app itself. This post is for anyone feeling overwhelmed by the role this tiny little app has take in their life. If I used it only 30minutes a day that = 15 hours a month: essentially more then one full day and I did not feel good about that. 

I decided to remove Instagram from my iphone and block it from my web browser. I blocked it on my phones web browser on General Settings -> restrictions (along with Facebook) HOWEVER as a filmmaker I still wanted to use the app as a tool to promote my work so I paid 9.99 for a MacBook app called Flume which allows you to post I tagrams from your MacBook. 

The first 3 days of no Instagram I found my self with much more free time and more in the present moment with friends and while working. I was more engaged in conversations because I had no thought to check my phone. Along with that my workdays became much more productive and I kept plugging away through creative resistance instead of taking a "quick 5" to scroll my feeds. 

Over all after 5 days or so I didn't even miss the app at all I caught my self numerous times when I realized in the past I probably would have taken an Instagram story ex. Backstage at a concert, skiing, a nice view.. and it made me wonder why I made those Instagram stories in the first place? Most likely to be cool, show I am doing stuff, that I travel, but overall I know just don't feel like it matters too much. Nobody cares. I decided to try and use my Instagram for my bigger creative projects and post things that mattered more to me then a cool story of me at a Jay Z concert. It also made me check myself because no one will see what I am doing anyways so I better actually be having fun. If I go skiing today you won't see an Instagram story from it. I will only get the enjoyment of the activity and that ensures I spend more time doing what I ACTUALLY love. 

I am by no means done with the app or think it's toxic, I think if people enjoy using it they should continue to; but just ask yourself why am I consuming this, why am I posting this? 
I enjoyed my lack of Instagram so much that I also deleted Facebook app off my phone and blocked my news feed on both devices. On MacBook simply download the "News feed eradicator" extension and it will allow you to use Facebook messages but block your newsfeed. Now the only question is what will you do with your new time!? I got a kindle and replaced my scrolling with reading. Another thing; don't talk about this too much, no one cares, don't judge others for using Instagram you aren't better because you don't use it you simply didn't like how it affected YOU let other people do their thing. Onwards!