Your attention is under siege and you must build walls to stand any chance of keeping it for the important things in your life. I know, that sounds intense but thats because it is. You have a handful of apps directly on your phone and each one is perfectly crafted to retain your attention for along as possible and they are getting damn good. I felt overwhelmed by my social media intake and realized it was time to make a change. To understand my own use I defined my use on social media in two different ways:



1. Conscious Use: I am using social media with a goal in mind. i.e. I want inspiration for my new surfing film so I am looking at my 3 favourite surf photographers Instagrams. 

2. Un-conscious Use: I am scrolling social media in the hopes that I might see something I like.

Un-conscious use is how I believe most people (including me) use social media. They don’t know what they are looking for but they are hoping to find it… Therefore, it becomes quite obvious how this creates a massive time suck. It’s time to become more intentional with our use of social media and take back control. Social media isn’t the problem but our use of it is. I have started limiting my social media use for primarily “conscious use” and aim to use it as a tool moving forward not a liability. 



So the grand question is what to do now? Will I disappear off the face of the earth if I get rid of my social media? Will I lose friends? Well I think its time we start focusing on ourselves more. How can we improve ourselves, what hobbies can we pick up, what activities can we share with friends that make us truly fulfilled even when no one else is watching... Its a beautiful world and a beautiful time to be alive. Take control of the tools around you and use them to empower rather then to mindlessly consume.

I blocked Facebook, Instagram and Youtube on my Macbook using Time Saver extension. I deleted Instagram, Facebook apps on my phone and blocked them in my browser (under general settings). I can still DM, post and scroll instagram on my MacBook using a $9 app called Flume though I rarely use it anymore as it just doesn't look cool on a computer (thats a good thing). To recap the steps in getting off Social media: 


1. DELETE Social Media Apps from iPhone

It all starts with the easy step of deleting the apps from your phone and blocking them on your web browser of your phone. Get Stay Focused on your Macbook and set it to block Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or any sites you don't want access to. 


2. Get FLUME to access Instagram on Macbook

I still need to be able to access Instagram for Direct Messages and when I post occasionally so I downloaded FLUME to access, post and message Instagram on my Macbook. I have yet to be sucked into a scrolling frenzy on this app as the images just kind of look shitty on your big computer screen haha. 


3. Replace the HABIT with something else

You need to replace your social media "routine" with something else! Get a Kindle, book, audiobook, juggling balls it doesn't fucking matter. Your free now to spend this time learning, playing, socializing in real life enjoy this extra time.