Lumix GH5 Color Grading | Cinematic Tutorial

GH5 Cinematic Color Grading 

This is a run through on how I Color Grade my Panasonic GH5 footage as I have had many requests. By no means is this the only way to grade its just how I do it! Feel free to post any questions or comments on my video tutorial above. 

Shooting is so so important in order to have a good image to start with. Pay attention to your exposure use your Histogram and zebra lines to ensure you have a properly exposed shot on your GH5. In terms of shooting mode 90% of the time I am shooting 4k at 60fps it is certainly my favourite mode to shoot in. 

I always shoot in CINE-D color profile on my Panasonic GH5 with the settings as follows:

Sharpness: -5
Contrast: -1
Hue: 0
Gamma: -1
Noise Reduction: -1

As you can see in the video above I do all my color grading in Premier Pro with the built in Lumetri plug in. I start by leveling out my image on the vector scopes to ensure that my images fall with in the 0 - 100 level on the vector scope scale (see video above). I usually through in an S-curve on the curves section with a slight lift in the shadows to give the somewhat "washed out" look. Finally I typically go to the 3-way color corrector and drop some blues in the shadows and oranges in the mid-tones and highlights. Thanks for watching/reading feel free to subscribe for more!