Should you hike the deadly Kalalau Trail in Hawaii?

Hiking the Napali Coast: Our Story

In December 2017 two friends of mine convinced me to head over to the island of Kauai and hike the legendary 13 mile Kalalau Trail. I had never been to the island or heard of the hike but upon googling it I was completely sold. The first google searches I saw were all about the Kalalau Trail being one of "the top 10 most dangerous hikes in North America". I read some articles and news stories about stranded hikers, people falling off the side and drownings in the ocean near-by but wasn't too worried. I want to start with this disclaimer; THE HIKE IS NOT NEARLY AS SCARY AS PEOPLE SAY. It was one of the most beautiful landscapes and totally worth adding to the bucket list!

We booked 3 nights of permits to camp at Kalalau on the Hawaii Government website HERE We didn't know too much about the hike but below is my recommended packing list after doing the trip!


[ Recommended Packing List ]

  • +40L Bag
  • Water Purification Pills (there are streams all the way along the hike)
  • Water Bottle + BRING WATER FLAVOUR PACK! (trust me)
  • Waterproof tent + therma rest + extra tarp (we got soaked)
  • Good hiking boots or shoes
  • Bug spray (optional)
  • Instant Coffee/Tea/
  • Jet Boil Stove + Pot
  • Hammock (optional)
  • Books
  • Food; instant noodles, peanut butter, wraps, candy, power bars, hot dogs, whatever you like..


Above and below you can see my short video documenting our trip on the Kalalau Trail. It is such an amazing place and you will meet great open minded people through-out the trip. I believe this is one of the few remaining untouched beauties of America so get it done while you can! 


Hiking the Kalalau Trail in search of Pizza.