PRO: Cinematic GH5/a7s LUT Pack | DSLR LUTs


PRO: Cinematic GH5/a7s LUT Pack | DSLR LUTs


20 Cinematic GH5 DSLR LUTs

20 Cinematic LUTs built, tested and used professionally for the Panasonic GH5, GH4 Sony A7s line, Sony a6500, GoPro and even iPhone! This package includes a huge range of LUTs that will color grade your footage with a single click. All 8 of the HARRIS LUT pack professional LUTs included + 12 new Cinematic LUTs for all different lighting conditions and styles. New LUTs included:


  • Action Hero LUT

  • Brighten Summer LUT

  • Bright LUT

  • Dramatic Landscape B & W

  • Deep Summer LUT

  • Kellner LUT

  • Older B & W

  • Red Hue LUT

  • Starter LUT

  • Summer Day LUT

  • Vintage Summer LUT

  • Tantalus Cold LUT

We are always stoked to see work from people that have used our LUTs! Please share your work and any feedback to us HERE. Happy editing :)

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Panasonic GH5 LUT Pack Details:

Thanks for stopping by! We have had over 800 happy customers of our LUT pack and look forward to seeing the work you create with our cinematic LUT package! Check out the videos below to get and idea of whats possible and how to install the LUTs!

Happy editing :)