Shot 100% on iPhone 6 with Waterproof HITCASE.


We teamed up with Rory Bushfield and took his single prop plane to a remote island in BC. We spent 5 days on the island surfing, camping, exploring and making spider hotdogs. Luckily a big swell rolled in a few days before we headed out on this trip providing awesome surfing. The BTS video above covers the majority of the trip except for a few funny stories... 

Kris, Bushy and I took off from Tofino airport into a pretty big storm with about 1 hour of light left. Its a counter-instinctual thing to do flying directly into a massive black cloud. As we flew north across the channel Bushy mentioned that he was jealous we had our wetsuits in case the storm took us into the ocean.. The rain pounded the small plane and rain started making its way into the cabin. We used our bathing suits to plug the gap in the windshield and kept moving into the darkness. Losing light, it looked like we might have to land on a random beach below but we decided to keep pushing and aim for Nootka Island. We charged into the storm and finally the beach appeared below us. The Seagull feather touched down and we taxied down the beach towards our camping area. The ability to fly over the empty coast line, scope the waves and land on anywhere you like is a surreal experience.