Lumix GH5 $100 Weekly Edit Challenge by Ryan Harris

The Lumix GH5 Edit Challenge 2019

Each week I select a winner who gets $100

I am so stoked on this GH5 community we have created and to say thanks I am funding my own little contest! Over the next 4 weeks I’ll be hosting a GH5 filmmaking challenge. Enter your best 30-60 second GH5 edit and if I select your film as my favourite of the week you win $100.

To enter make your best 30-60 second LUMIX GH5 edit and follow the instructions below.

Contest Instructions:

  1. Post your video entry to your Youtube with the title format “Your Name - Ryan Harris LUMIX GH5 challenge”

  2. Post your GH5 edit to your Instagram and tag me - @ryan.j.harris

  3. DM me a photo of you with your GH5 (to verify you shoot on GH5)

  4. Tell someone in your life that you appreciate them (bonus step)

**Additional Notes**

  • Entries must be made by 5PM PST each Sunday from July 16th - August 11th 2019

  • You can enter the contest every week!

  • You don’t need to shoot an insane travel video - it can be anything. I am going to select the winner based off the quality of the filming and editing not so much how “insane” the content itself is

  • The winner will be paid via PayPal so please ensure you have an account

  • Entries can not be previously posted videos - must be uploaded after July 16th 2019.

I will pick a winner each Tuesday and post their edit publicly on my YouTube community page! The winning edit each week gets $100. Get out there and start creating!


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