Coming Soon: The GH5 Filmmaking Workshop


The Ultimate Lumix GH5 Workshop

Coming Spring 2019

Hi I am Ryan Harris, the Creative Director of Beacon Media Group. Over the last 5 years I have directed, shot and edited ads for companies such as; Old Spice, Lollapalooza, ESPN, Redbull TV and many more. My go-to camera the last 2 years is the Lumix GH5 and now I am putting together a +3 hour online workshop about my process, gear, getting clients and much more.

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What’s in The Workshop?

Module I – Intro to GH5 Filmmaking

01. Introduction

Meet Ryan and get to know the work that he has done in the past for large clients and his experience with the GH5. Learn why Ryan has chosen the GH5 as his main camera for the last 2 years.

 02. Gear

Sit down with Ryan as he goes through all of the gear for film: camera, lenses, memory cards, backups, bags and more. Learn how and what Ryan typically packs for a shoot. 

03. Set-up Your GH5 for Filmmaking

Ryan runs through his settings to shoot Cinematic Films on the GH5; Colour profile, shutter speeds, and little tips along the way.


Module II – In the Field with the GH5

01. Pre-Shoot Planning

What’s the purpose of the film we are about to shoot? What message and emotion are we trying to convey with it. In asking these questions we can begin the pre-shoot phase of our film and go into our project with a clear goal and plan.

02. In The Field

It’s time to shoot your short film with the GH5. Follow Ryan as he shows you how he utilizes the full power of the GH5 while in the field. You will learn camera techniques, gimbal use, and what to look for as you are out shooting.

03. Directing Subjects

Ryan sits down and talks about directing subjects while on a shoot. It is important to take control of the scenes and not be afraid to ask for what you need no matter if it’s a ski shoot, music festival or club shoot.

04. In The Field II

Following Ryan on an action shoot in the field as we explore working in a more action packed environment shooting with models on the ski hill.

Module III – Post-Production

01. The Importance Post-Production

Learn about how important post-production is in the final output of your films. Ryan goes over everything you will learn in this module and why it is important; Making selects, Colour Grading, Sound Design, Music Selection and exporting.

 02. Shaping Your Film

03. Music Selection

04. Sound Design

05. Colour Correction

06. Exporting and Sharing

Module IV – Working With Clients

01. Filmmaking Professionally

Ryan talks about his experience working in the film industry and some tips on how to get clients. He dives into the importance of putting yourself in your client’s shoes and remembering why you are getting hired.

03. Building Your Portfolio

03. Travel For Free

04. Having Fun With It