Should you be asking for feedback on your creative work? - November 8th, 2018

A common discussion I have with my friends who are “artists” in some way is who and how to ask for creative feedback on your project. I have seen cases of people getting angry or sad when someone close to them gives feedback on their creative work. In most cases I have found it to be one of two situations; the person you asked is a dick or you never actually want their feedback.

In almost all cases I have discovered that it is the latter. They didn’t fully think through what they were asking of this person and perhaps weren’t asking for feedback but simply wanted positive confirmation. I have found myself in this trap from time to time and am working on being much more deliberate when asking for feedback on my creative work. 

1. Why do I care about this persons opinion? Do they have some knowledge or expertise in this field, do I look up to and or respect their opinion, do we have similar tastes.

2. Am I confident enough to object any negative feedback that comes in that I disagree with. People are all different and have different ideas of what good work is. Will you crumble if this person says they don’t like your work or will you have the confidence to say “I disagree” 

3. Do I even want to make changes to my work? Maybe you already think your work is great and ready done so why the fck are you asking for feedback? Well I do this from time to time also and it relates back to me looking for positive confirmation and not feedback. I just wanted to person to say they like it as much as I do and then I can be on my way. If this is the case simply don’t show your work to them or show them without asking for feedback.. 

Always remember that no ones feedback or input is ever wrong. You asked them for THEIR opinion it is your responsibility to be able to handle it and spend the time in selecting who you ask for feedback. The viewer, reader, or listener is never wrong and they have a right to their opinion. Getting third party feedback can be an extremely valuable tool as you have a chance to get a feel for the audience reaction before launching.