Why you must do your passion projects

Is there a creative project inside thats been nagging at you? Every time you get close to doing it your voice of “reason” steps in saying "Whats the point? Who will even see this? I should just do work I am getting paid for. This might be a waste of time” Following through on these projects is so much more important then you know. 

The amount of big jobs I have landed in my film career stemming from passion projects I shot for ABSOLUTELY know reason is outstanding. Actually that might be how I have gotten the majority of my work. Recently on a holiday I shot a video for no reason the whole time doubting why I was even doing it. Two weeks later that video lands us a very big international job... 

As old Apple Jobs said "You can’t connect that dots looking forwards, only backwards” Go out there and make those dumb, pointless and silly projects with know end in mind. Put them out into the world and I guarantee something will come back.