Create more then you consume

Your attention is under siege and you must build walls to stand any chance of keeping it for the important things in your life. I know, that sounds intense but thats because it is. You have a handful of apps directly on your phone and each one is perfectly crafted to retain your attention for along as possible and they are getting damn good. I felt overwhelmed by my social media intake and realized it was time to make a change. I defined my use on social media as two different things:

1. Conscious Use: I am using social media with a goal in mind. i.e. I want inspiration for my new surfing film so I am looking at my 3 favourite surf photographers Instagrams. 

2. Un-conscious Use: I am scrolling social media in the hopes that I might see something I like.

Un-conscious use is how I believe most people use social media. They don’t know what they are looking for but they are hoping to find it… Therefore, it becomes quiet obvious how this creates a massive time suck. It’s time to become more intentional with our use of social media and take back control. Social media isn’t the problem but our use of it is. I have started limiting my social media use for primarily “conscious use” and aim to use it as a tool moving forward not a liability.